Inter-Org Distribution List Migration

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I recently published this article on the site. I’ll try to post here any developments I make on the script.


Almost 40% of the current Microsoft Exchange customers are still using Exchange 5.5. Probably most of them have plans to migrate to the latest version, Exchange 2003 SP1, in the near future. There is lots of literature available about the right procedures for such a task, so if we’re not talking about something very complex, the migration process should be painless.

One of the difficulties you should be aware of (and now I’m speaking particularly for those who are about to migrate) is the migration of the old Exchange 5.5 Distribution Lists (DLs) to the new Universal Distribution Groups (UDGs) in Active Directory, when in an inter-organization scenario.

Migrating DLs in the same organization doesn’t represent any challenge, because you can use Active Directory Connector (ADC). Normally, you’ll use Active Directory Connector (ADC) to automate this task. When in the same organization, the ADC replicates all the Exchange Server Distribution Lists to Active Directory as Universal Distribution Groups. But when you do synchronization from an Exchange Directory on a different organization, all you get on Active Directory is mail enabled contacts.


The only way I know to migrate DLs in this scenario (without using third party tools) is by exporting the DLs, and then using the LDIFDE or CSVDE command-line utilities to convert them to UDGs.

I had recently the opportunity to work on a client who needed this DL migration process, so a couple of colleagues of mine, Paulo Lopes and Paulo R. Lopes (they’re not related, before you ask), with a little contribution from myself, came up with the method I’ll describe next.


You can run the following command to perform a DL export from an Exchange 5.5 server (E55SERVER) in a Windows NT 4.0 Domain (NT4DOMAIN), using an NT4 account (NT4ACCOUNT) as the credentials:


ldifde -m -f DL_E55_OUT.txt -s E55SERVER -u -r "(objectClass=groupOfNames)" -l objectClass,rdn,cn,mail,otherMailbox,Extension-Attribute-1,Extension-Attribute-2,Extension-Attribute-3,Extension-Attribute-4,Extension-Attribute-5,Extension-Attribute-6,Extension-Attribute-7,Extension-Attribute-8,Extension-Attribute-9,Extension-Attribute-10,Extension-Attribute-11,Extension-Attribute-12,Extension-Attribute-13,Extension-Attribute-14,Extension-Attribute-15,textEncodedORaddress,uid,member -b NT4ACCOUNT NT4DOMAIN *


Then you must run a CSVDE export, in order to get the right Display Name:


csvde -f MB_E55_OUT.txt -s E55SERVER -u -r "(objectClass=*)" -l objectClass,Admin-Display-Name,rdn,cn -b NTACCOUNT NT4DOMAIN *


The last step to import the DLs to Active Directory is to run LDIFDE again:


ldifde -i  -f DL_E55_IN.txt -s <GC_SERVER> -j .\


The main problem with this method is that you’ll have to do some tweaking on those LDFIDE and CSVDE files in order to import them properly to the Active Directory. This can become a long, long time-consuming task (I know, I’ve been there). So I decided to create a script in order to automate this process.

Here is a brief description of what the script does:


1. Extracts Distribution Lists to a file using LDIFDE;

2. Extracts Exchange 5.5 Directory to a file using CSVDE (this is only necessary to match a user’s display name to his account name);

3. Modifies the first extracted file so that it can be imported using LDIFDE. Here is where the script does all its magic;

4. Imports DLs to Active directory as UDGs.


You still have to use ADC to synchronize the GAL. In fact, you must first import Exchange 5.5 users if you want the migrated DLs to be populated. So I strongly advise you to read the following KB article:

XGEN: How to Configure a Two-Way Recipient Connection Agreement for Exchange Server 5.5 User,


Don’t forget that before you can run the script, you’ll have to modify the following variables:

strDN: the Distinguished Name of the destination OU

E55Server: the Exchange 5.5 server

GCServer: the Global Catalog server

NTUser: the NT User Account to connect to the source domain

NTDomain: the NT source domain


I don’t wish to bother you with one of those big disclaimers about responsibility or copyright, so I’ll just say that I’m offering you this script with the best of intentions, but you should always test before doing anything that can compromise your production environment. Besides that, feel free to distribute it to all your friends and to modify it, although I would appreciate that you drop me an email in case of new improvements.

Any feedback is always welcome.

The script is availbale on this link:

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62 Responses to Inter-Org Distribution List Migration

  1. Unknown says:

    You mention \’The only way I know to migrate DLs in this scenario (without using third party tools) is by exporting the DLs\’ in you Inter-Org Distribution List Migration article. We are migrating from an NT4 server with Exchange 5.5 to a new SBS 2003 server. I have documentation on migrating, but the ADMT doesn\’t migrate DLs or custom recipients, which the client has many. What 3rd party tools will do this for me? I have been looking for something for a couple of days now. Will your script work with SBS 2003, too?

  2. kaiservunderbar says:

    Migrate distribution lists, Ièm sorry but we keep getting no entries found when executing the csvde command. It appears that when you use the -b switch something just doesnèt work and if you donèt use the ntdomain account with the -b switch you just get the stuff that is presentl in AD. any help on the CSVDE portion would be appreciated. send email to kaiservunderbarATgmail.comThanks

  3. Sam says:

    Hi,I tried the script but keep getting the following error "Error: 1 Could not open file MB_E55_dsc.txt".Any idea on that? I have made the changes for the mail server, GC, etc. as required but keep getting this error. It looks as if there is a problem with the csvde command. Please let me know your thoughts on it.Thanks,Sam Jaffer

  4. rui says:

    Hi Sam.If you are having problems running CSVDE, try running it on the Exchange 5.5 server and then copying the file to the machine where you are running the script.Then you must select that you don\’t want to run CSVDE and provide the filename.

  5. Sam says:

    Rui,I\’m not sure if its possible to run CSVDE on the Exchange 5.5 server since it is on NT 4.0. I copied the CSVDE.exe to the server and tried to run it and it came back with Kernel32 error.Anyh other suggestions. I tried to run just the CSVDE command at prompt from E2K3 server and it comes back with no entries found and thus does not create a file. Can you confirm that the command is correct. Looking a little closer to the command I found that you have listed the object class attribute as "ObjectClass" where in Exchange 5.5 the attribute shows as "Object-Class" (with a dash in middle). Can you confirm which one is correct.Thanks,Sam Jaffer

  6. rui says:

    You\’re maybe right Sam. I did run CSVDE on the Exchange 5.5, but the OS was Windows 2000, not NT.So, I advise to do 2 things:1) Try to run the command outside the script2) Try to do a directory export using Exchange Admin. Make sure you have the following fields:DN,objectClass,Admin-Display-Name,rdn,cnTake a look at Q155414 and Q261112 articles for an explanation on how to select field headers.If you want, you can send me email instead of using comments. My address is on the README file.

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